FCA Advanced Skills Clinic

Invitation Only

This clinic is fast paced and set up to push athletes to train at a higher level and perform at a quicker tempo.

The athletes will train with multi-ball drills reinforcing strong technique and fundamentals. They will also learn ugly training while working on the mental aspects of the game. The multi-ball drills will consist of quick sets, slides, torquing, extending and reaching high on our swings, pressing in blocking, serving, reading, teaching perimeter and rotational defense, back row attacks, and digging down balls. We will also work on blocking/setting/defensive footwork, positional training, and jump/top/float serving. We will end each session in the Word studying how we can grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ on and off the court.


Next clinic session will be announced in July…we will be training our AAU team for post season.




Lexington Baptist Church

How to Register:

If interested, email Jenni Soehn at JSoehn@fca.org

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